Andrea Hollander

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Workshops, Seminars, and Intensives

In Portland, Oregon, Andrea conducts writing workshops, seminars, and intensive writing classes in both poetry and the personal essay. Please click on the Events tab above to learn about present and forthcoming opportunities.

Andrea is also available to teach elsewhere. Contact her here to arrange a one-day, weekend, or weeklong workshop in your community.

Tutorials and Manuscript Critiques

Since 1995 Andrea has conducted private tutorials in both poetry and prose using a combination of mail, e-mail, and telephone. (In-person tutorials are also available for those who live in the Portland, Oregon, area.) She has worked successfully with both beginning and experienced writers. She has also critiqued and edited poetry and nonfiction manuscripts. Please contact her by e-mail at hollanderandrea@gmail.com for more information, including her fees for such work.


“How could I have put that book together (Vinculum) without Andrea? I asked her for ‘tough love’ and that’s what I got. I knew the poems were good, very good, every one of them published in the best places, yet the manuscript was going nowhere. Here, I said, see what you can come up with, and by heaven she did. Talk about thinking outside the box! I couldn’t have come up with what she suggested in a million years. The book went on to be published by LSU and to win the 2012 Georgia Author of the Year Award for Poetry.”    

                            —Alice Friman, Milledgeville, Georgia

“When I think of where I was poetry-writing-wise before I met Andrea, I can’t believe how fortunate I was to find her.”

                            —Beatriz Fernandez, Miami, Florida

I love the work we do together even more than I love the process of  writing the poem. The work is joyful, powerful, deep and playful.  I always feel that my work is respectedperhaps even more by Andrea than by me. Paring away everything that is not poem is a birth process full of the same wonder.”

                            —KC Conway, Chicago, Illinois

“I am not only pleased with what I’m doing since working with Andrea—I’m delighted. Her insights and warm support have encouraged me as I had not been before.”

                            —Jan Duncan-O’Neal, Overland Park, Kansas


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